GALARDI was established in the nineteen fifties and is one of the most important shipping agents in Italy.
It specializes in international air, road and sea transport.
For over forty years, it has led the way in Italy with highly qualified personnel constantly monitoring the world markets and always aiming to improve and enlarge their network agents.

GALARDI has guaranteed excellent service to the fashion industry, including textiles, footwear, bags, hanging garments, without neglecting the market for industrial machinery, chemicals and perishable foods.

We are able to collect goods from any part of Italy, using hubs, which are well equipped to receive a variety of freight.

We are IATA agents, as well as recognised Clearing Agent, and have a modern computer system connected within our hubs to the main air and sea ports, to monitor the state of the freight in real time.

GALARDI can also offer:

- Logistics
- Palletizing
- Storage
- Packing
- Picking



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